Grasping a straight boy's fascination with Lesbianism.

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Growing up in a small Victorian town on the outskirts of Manchester in the early 2000’s, there wasn’t much else to do apart from drink White Lightning at the nearest park and watch porn. As someone who was trying to peak at issues of Gay Times and Attitude in Tesco without anyone noticing, I can’t say I was on the lesbian bandwagon, but it was hard to ignore the chicks in neoprene Cabrini jackets with moussed ponytails, getting off with each other at parties for all the lads on the football team’s attention. Teenage boys revel in such vaguely smutty acts, thinking they are witnessing pure filth by watching their girlfriend’s denim shorts grind to 2 Chainz, and orally exchange lip gloss after a few Jäger bombs or WKD’s. They’ll watch Black Swan just to get to the bit where Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis go vagi-tarian, or they’ll search for “lesbian” porn in groups and marvel at the soft fondling of perky tits between two eastern European femmes (!!).

          From the introduction of t.A.T.u. at the beginning of the new millennium, the mainstream fetish for female nudity and girl-on-girl action has engrossed all current queens of Pop. Channeling the lesbian ideal into female musician’s public persona is the done deed for ladies in the industry. Every teenager of the time was shocked to see two Russian schoolgirls tonguing each other in the rain for “All The Things She Said”, encouraging news pieces and erections across Britain and every other nation in Eurovision. In the current climate of Miley, where every outfit, lyric and Katy Perry snog is another chance to be all over the Daily Mail, we can now smell the stunts coming a mile off. Katy launched herself as if she were an innocent teenager gone awry at an all- girls sleepover, while Lady Gaga’s ultimate need to be interesting and relevant seemed to consume her soul fully somewhere around the time of the infamous meat dress. To see women like Rihanna and Shakira, who are both mind-blowingly fit, dry hump is what wank fantasies are made of, and are being given soundtracks and released as actual songs. It’s hard not to enjoy in one way or another, regardless of orientation. t.A.T.u. had started a branding revolution!

          The spotlight on love between women has grown in the past couple of years, with the release of HBO’s Orange Is The New Black, and 2013’s French neo-classic, Blue Is The Warmest Colour. OITNB is unique for its portrayal of female love, as it does the remarkable job of not being a “lesbian comedy”, something that shows in the earlier 2000’s failed to be anything more than. The depiction of love in the program is intense, but still retains a softness that many straight men envy in relationships with women. The sex scenes in Blue are notoriously strong, and display the same deep and varying forms of affection as in Orange. The marveling at this kind of intimacy between bodies and minds is one of the key responses I hear from men, who wish they could both understand and satisfy women to the same level they are witnessing on-screen. We are in the middle of a subtle sexual awakening, where the public are aloud to witness films with gay storylines, that (thank god) isn’t just about being attracted to the same sex.


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The female sensuality is something to be marveled at. Gay men in the world of television or film are either played by hetero actors sniffing about for an Oscar, or men who embody every expected flamboyance of the “gay best friend” in movies. He is never particularly romanticized by straight characters, unlike lesbian women by curious female leads. Lesbians take the reigns as these characters: the women that can turn a straight woman with her liberated mind and her strong pussy game. The supposed myth that because you share the same body parts, you know what feels better when pleasing your partner plays a key part in this representation, with men being still too scared to explore their sexuality. The Sex and The City side of my personality is screaming that this is a huge lie, and that gay men know as much about pleasing another man as much as there is truism in every gay man being either a “top” or a “bottom”.

          There is usually something seen as aggressive and predatory about men wanting to sleep with men, whereas the fascination with women links to the notion that they are both capable of having the physically satisfying and the emotionally fulfilling.

In pornography, we see this gentle and playful side unfold. The appearance of two or three, happy girls who play with each others hair, asses and clitoris’ without the threat of some dude’s aggressive dick there to spoil the fun. The theme lends itself from the aforementioned Katy Perry approach gayness: the innocence of teenage girls who are discovering their bodies for themselves, brimming with enjoyment where men would feel disgust. The enduring taboo quality of lesbianism is a spur to boys as soon as they are old enough to search for XXX images or videos on the internet, and is very identified with “noobz” who are most likely tween and new being sexually aware. The other popular veins of porn are teen, gonzo (amateur porn with limited camera skills) and transsexual, highlighting public preference for young, untouched/structured vaginas that look near perfect. Laverne Cox refers to her “diamond kitty” in OITNB, her character fetishized by a predatory warden who imagines her to have the ultimate designer vagina. It’s a common thought, and one that has woven itself into the porn industry as the straight male taste becomes more curious.

Photography by Hanna Moon.

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